Financial & Compliance Health Checks

The risks of regulatory action may be higher than you imagine. The results can be traumatic. We are independent and our expert eyes have seen first hand on many occassions what can and does go wrong in firms even when there are systems in place. We are the experts that look beyond the obvious. Having us undertake a health check to see what is really going on in your firm may be the best investment you ever make.

Financial Health Check

Included within Financial Health Check:

  • Financial Viability
  • Governance and Structure
  • Financial Management
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules
  • Links to Compliance

Compliance Health Check

Included within the Compliance Health check:

  • File Review Analysis
  • Complaints Procedure Review and Data Analysis
  • Supervision and Structure
  • Risk register Review

Our values and beliefs are to assist firms in staying on the right side of the regulators. We are in a unique position to help you with prevention.

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